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    DoctorT's Balanced Endgame Mods

    Hello all, I'd like to start a discussion for the mods I'm currently working on, and ideas for more in the future. Let me know if this is the wrong place for this. I'm new to the mod community, so if you have any suggestions/recommendations for me, please post! I look forward to working with you all in the future.

    I'm working on mods that will advance the endgame experience in Torchlight, providing a complete balanced, scaling set of new items and spells for high to very high level characters, all the way up to level 100. I very much like the Ancient Tier equipment pack, but there are some other things that need to be added for very high level characters to be able to scale with the lower levels... for instance: better potions, spells, and possibly some level 90+ gear after Ancient tier.

    I've seen the mods that increase your max level/fame to ridiculous heights, but this seems kind of silly and repetitive to me, and I have some ideas for a more interesting and balanced alternative to endgame content, focused on stuff up to level 100, and even some things up to required level 110, so that you'll need to have maxed the required skill(s) to make use of them.

    I've already got an expanded potion mod that adds five new potion types to the game (go here for discussion and links). I'm currently working on adding upgraded spells to the game, from rank 7 all the way up to rank 12. I realize there is currently a mod that adds level 7 spells... but it seems rather incomplete, and doesn't really progress the spells naturally, nor is this really sufficient for very high level characters.

    Also note that I am a perfectionist, so if there are any flaws or inaccuracies in something I make, I won't be satisfied until they are fixed, and will be very interested in working with other players and updating mods to be more useful to the general public!

    Recommended Mods
    Get these First! They go hand-in-hand with my mods, and are all essential for high level characters:

    * Tier3 Ancient Items - This great mod by svk151 seamlessly adds over 1000 new items to fully support levels 60-90 gear-wise!

    Supported Mods
    If you have these, my mods replace their features, so you can safely remove them when you add mine:

    * Potions Maxstacksize Mod, Stacking Mod, and others - I have made a version of my Balanced Endgame Potion Mod to provide my new potions, in addition to all other potions and Town/Identify Scrolls with a maximum stacksize of 200. If you have one of these mods currently, you can simply switch it out with the (+StackSize) version of my Potion Mod!

    * High Level Spells - This mod adds level 7 spells into the game... but I wanted to go a step beyond that and provide even higher level spells. If you are currently relying on this mod though, not to fear! You can simply switch over to mine, and you'll keep all your current level 7 spells on your characters! (I used the same GUID values)

    High Level Potions
    This mod adds five new tiers of Health and Mana potions into the game to cater toward high level characters.

    Released! Go here for details and discussion.

    * Vanilla (Version 1.0) - Simply adds the potions without changing anything else (they all have the normal stacksize of 20)
    * +StackSize (Version 1.0) - Adds the potions with a stack size of 200, and changes all other Health/Mana Potions and Town/Identify Scrolls to have a stack size of 200 as well (just make sure to remove any previous StackSize mod(s) when you install this one).

    High Rank Spells (7-12)
    This mod adds SIX new ranks of EVERY TYPE of spell into the game, from Rank 7 to Rank 12! The Rank 12 spells are very rare, and require level 110 to learn, meaning you'll need to max the Advanced Spellcasting skill.

    Dev Status: Middle Stage - Implementing (Click Here to check on my Progress)

    * Vanilla (in progress) - Simply adds the spells into the game, however, if you already have the High Level Spells mod by ljmdj, you won't lose any of the level 7 spells you already have, but they will be seamlessly replaced with my own versions! (just make sure to remove this mod when you install mine)

    Here's a chart of all the Spell Tiers

    Tier4 Eternal Items
    I'm thinking of making this mod that will add a bunch of new items into the game from levels 90-110. These would be a direct upgrade from the items in the Tier 3 Ancient Items mod, and would provide truly ultimate equipment for the hardcore player. If you have any ideas as to how you'd like to see this evolve, feel free to post!

    Dev Status: First Stage - Conceptualizing (I haven't started yet)

    * (none yet) - Let me know what you think!

    The idea is to add a new (partial?) tier of gear to fill the final gap after level 90 (where the Ancient Tier mod stops). But why go to 110 instead of 100? That way, maxing the appropriate Mastery skill will be required to equip those items, and they will provide a whole new dimension of power for your characters! Especially the items higher level than 100 will be very powerful

    I'm not sure how exactly this is going to work, or how to go about doing it. If you have any ideas, feel free to post!

    The name "Eternal" for the tier is what I had come up with, but I'm not opposed to changing this if someone suggests something cooler / more fitting. Definitely the best successor to "Ancient" I have heard so far though.

    Some current ideas I like (just ideas, nothing concrete yet):
    * possibly make the only items at those levels be rare or unique... no regular white or lightly enchanted items?
    * will most likely decrease the drop rates on all these items, especially the level 100+ ones.
    * maybe make you fight enemies that are over level 100 to drop the best items (without increasing the level cap)? I'm not sure if this is currently possible or not, though I'm sure there's a map mod or two.
    * the thing that makes the most sense is to make another full tier from level 90-120, and simply scale all the levels evenly down to the 90-110 (possibly removing all whites and greens in the process)
    * likelihood is high that I will be adding all new hax sets that are fully level 110, but exceedingly rare... at least four (one based around each of the main stats)
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