Hello to all this is ASMODEUS here and I what im going to try and do is compile a list of mods that will form in what my opinion is would be the best pack for torchlight as far as variety in all aspects of the game such as maps,weapons,monsters,and characters also haveing a great balance in gameplay without god help me crashing like the titanic into an iceberg of errors,GUIDS,samenames and other wonderfull issues.

What i need from you mod lovers out there is 2 things:
1. Your suggestions or opinions on which mods will work better in place of other mods that i will have in a list coming and why you think so.
2. Your issues that you run into that this team that i hope to form will work on or any help with issues that your aware of allready in the mod list with specific mods.

FINALLY, The list will be posted as soon as i read up on a few more i need to add once the list is posted i will be happy to have any help in fixing small issues that are hopefully not to hard to code into the game.

IF any questions for me at this point please feel free to message me or post if you must
i would much rather keep this thread clean of randomness until the list is posted