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    Exclamation Total Downgrade.

    I recently lost the computer I was using. It was not mine to begin with, so I had to get myself one I could afford. I now have a DELL, with Windows XP Home Edition. Now none of the old programs I used will work on it. I have Blender, TorchED, and Ogre files, plus Python. All of my hardware is up to date; but nothing works like it did before. I can't even bring up anything in Blender.
    I was wondering if maybe everything needs to be set up differently to work on this dinosaur of a computer, or if there was a simpler alternative to working the mod tools.
    I have over 300 Gigs of free space, so I'm not limited to what I can download. So any alternate programs you can think of would of be of great help. I've never done mods for TL before, only other things, like Diablo, Half Life, and a few smaller programs. I even followed the modding instructions to the point, but still...nothing works. Perhaps I am missing something?

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    Re: Total Downgrade.

    Hi Horus! When you mention all those programs you have, it sounds like they're on a hard drive from your old computer? Or are those newly installed on your new PC and they just don't work right?

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