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    New File Added: Boosty's Mod

    Downloads: A new file has been added by Boosty:

    Boosty's Mod

    Basically adds more functionality to fish, increases the power of gems, and adds an alternate enchanting system that gives elemental properties to your equipment.

    Basically I like the features in the following mods, they are redone to work with my mod.
    Fish Mash: Fish Transmutation
    - Small differences, but heavily tied to enchanting system and new recipes.
    Arithmancy: A Transmutation Overhaul
    - Love the idea, but needed to be rewritten to work with some idea I came up with, for consistency.
    Geommancy: A Bugfix
    - Good idea to just have it in with the mod. Rewritten to fit my naming scheme (it was bugging the hell out of me)

    Any features marked with an asterisk(*) uses skills that are given to the player at the beginning of the game and will not function with characters created before the installation of this mod. Sorry

    Any features marked with a caret(^) will only affect items created after the installation of the mod, and not stacked with items created before the installation of this mod.

    I changed the way +skill bonus effects are displayed in the effects list.
    Now it reads +[Value] [Name]

    User Interface:
    New icons to differentiate small, medium, big and giant fish from each other.
    Fish in you general inventory is now moved under the fish tab.
    Fish that you and your pet can both eat will have a blue background.

    You can now take fish to the transmutator and get Fish meat and Fish gems.
    Small fish only gives one item.
    Medium fish gives up to 2 items.
    Big fish gives up to 3 items.
    Giant fish gives up to 4 items.
    Bigger fish also tend to give better meat and gems.

    ^Fish Meat:
    Fish meat now provides a both a health and mana regeneration over 20 seconds, to provide a constant healing effect.
    You can eat fish meat and drink potions at the same time.
    Added 2 more Fish Meat ranks to get a better range of potency.
    - 2 new icons to help distinguish between them.
    - You can transmute 2x Fish Meat or Sushi Grade Meat (You cannot upgrade from Fish Meat to Sushi Grade meat)

    *All regular gems now have a capped bonus that is applied regardless of where you socket them.
    Core Ember now gives a small knockback effect on weapons only.
    Most gems were given a +50% boost from vanilla effects.
    ^Chaos Gems now give %Bonuses, %Chance, or %Gain.
    Gems gained from fishing (now also from transumuting fish) now give speed bonuses.
    -There are different ranks of Fish gems (no way to upgrade them).

    3(..1) gems of the same rank + 1(..3) Fish gems give a chance to give a random gem type up to 2 ranks higher.
    - There is a chance to get a random gem of the same rank. (chance of this lowers when less fish gems are used).
    - There is a chance to also get Chaos Gem if you upgrade your gems like this.
    Note: i was planning to make it any 4 random gems of the same rank but it would take precedence over 4x recipes.
    Gem recipes now have a chance to also give Ethereal Ember.
    Ember Essence: Created by transmuting a chaos gem and Ethereal ember
    - Grants a small permanent HP and Mana Bonus and a Attribute points (essentially 1/5 of a Vanquisher level up)

    Characters can now enchant their own equipment with elemental effects.

    Transmute an Elemental Fish with Ethereal Ember to get an enchantment scroll.
    Using larger fish will get you better a enchantment.

    Can Enchant: Armor (including shields), Weapons, Trinkets, Socketables and Elixers (Bought from Merchant).
    - Different items give different bonuses.
    - Weapons gets a damage bonus, different values based if it is ranged, melee and/or 2 handed.
    - Armor gets resists bonus, shields get slightly more because it uses a weapon slot.
    - Trinkets and socketables get both a small damage and resist bonus.
    - Elixers gets a large Damage and Resist Bonus for 20 seconds when drunk.
    Right click on the scroll (under the spell tab) to learn the spell for 60 seconds.
    - Different ranked enchantments increase the skill by different amounts.
    - You can stack effects until you hit the skill cap, which is 27.
    Assign the new skill to your skill bar, activate the skill and click on the item you want to enchant.
    You will not see effects on character page until you pass a loading screen.
    You will lose your chance to enchant your item if you:
    - don't use the skill within 60 seconds after reading a scroll
    - leaving the game (the effect of the scroll does not get saved)
    - If you try to enchant an item type not specified.

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    Boosty's Mod has been updated!

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