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    New File Added: Little mods

    Downloads: A new file has been added by CROISSANT:

    Little mods

    One cosmetic and one really good tiny mod in a package.


    a tiny mod that

    -makes the town portal scroll blue in the 3d world (it shared the red graphic with the identify scroll) MOST IMPORTANT MOD EVAR LOL :-P

    -makes mana- and health-potions stackable (nothing new) AND you can use several at the same time, which will increase your survivability in tense situations quite a bit. No more annoying deaths because the health potion was too slow to fill up your health.

    It will not change the game balance in any way, you still need to react, you will still need to click, you will still need to buy them (actually maybe even a bit more now)

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    Re: New File Added: Little mods

    So basically it just changed the colors of the scrolls is that it?

    Also, does this just make the drinking of potions and mana quicker as oppossed to loading up the health status of the player quicker?

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