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    What i dont want in an MMO.

    Well after playing wow for 3 years non stop (2007-2010) and D3 for two months i would hate to see this things in a future mmo.

    Real money auction house (ugh)

    Inflated gold auction house. Auction houses is a good thing, but you need to be carefull to not allow it to become mega inflationary. Maybe setting a gold cap for epic itens would be a good idea.

    Farming bots: When i was mining in wow i hated when i was about to pick a good vein of lets say cobalt and suddenly it dissapeared and i saw someone disapearing in a high speed. Really need to keep gold sellers, bots and exploits away to secure the fun of the game.

    Professions have to be fun, not felt like a second job to then resume the fun. I like the professions in wow, but mining for 5-6 hours to have a nice sum of gold is ridiculous. Really.

    25 people for a single raid is simply put, a disaster. Well Blizzard saw this error and kinda fixed with 5 and 10 man raids. Please dont pass of 10 man raids.

    Raids with more than 3 hours long are punishing.

    At expansions PLEASE dont come back with the same monsters, everyone is smart enought to notice that they only changed the skin color.

    A good and distict mmo NEED to have a BALANCED PVP. You need to fell the thrill of the battle and that you can beat every class available by your skill. Not like wow, in which paladins beat every mellee classes but are spanked by ranged classes.

    Good and fantastic item customization (i dont want see 200 paladins with the same gear at end game level). 3 or four awesome top gears will do wonders in game replayability at raids.

    Boss raids must be difficult, but not impossible. Most guilds in wow would only defeat raid bosses after blizz nerfed by 5% each week. So its not by merit, its just by nerfing bosses.

    Epic items with horrible stats. I want epic items with amazing stats and 7 or 8 pieces to form an AMAZING tier.

    Please dont wait for 5 months to release new content for raids.

    Most important, a good, well written history, that always push you forward to uncover the next clue is fundamental to keep players interested.

    An open world where you will feel sucked in, because its beautiful, BIG and misterious. Wow did a great job in this and i know you can do to. Better i think.

    Professions, tournaments, pets, amazing mounts, lots of good and well deserved achievements. Not an idiot achievement because you fell 50 meters ????? Whats the relevance of that ?

    Keep the mmo world faithfull to the history of the game at expansions. If the world is gothic, keep it that way. If its cartoonish, same. And please dont ruin releasing an expansion nonsense like mists of pandaria. Pandas really ?

    Good in game addons for raid survivability. I dont want to download bugged and infesed addons that will ruin the game and allow hackers into my account.

    If you really intend to lauch an mmo PLEASE pretty please provide enough servers, so that i can play without lag.

    Allow tunneling services, like smoothping for players playing outside eua. Living in Brazil i really need it. And please dont ask me for chance my password if i connect smoothig using a different smoothping server. I am not a hacker, just trying to determine the best ping possible to my gaming experience.

    In game moderators in trade and general chat. I dont want to discuss racist or pedophile topics like in wow.

    At expansions, dont make the player feel he/her is becoming weaker as he progresses to the next level cap.

    Please dont put monsters every two meters from each other. If i would like to explore the world without killing monsters every two steps i give to examine the nature i would be very grateful.

    I cant rebember anything more right now. When i do i will post more.

    For now thats it folks. I really hope that your mmo will beat wow.

    A 60 level cap for main title will be good.

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    Re: What i dont want in an MMO.

    "A good and distict mmo NEED to have a BALANCED PVP. You need to fell the thrill of the battle and that you can beat every class available by your skill. Not like wow, in which paladins beat every mellee classes but are spanked by ranged classes."

    This was actually my biggest issue with WoW, playwise. Constant nerfing and buffing of classes is not "balancing". Combat skills and such need to be thought through and play-tested for both PvE and PvP before they are ever even released. I always thought that the paladins for WoW should have been a hero class, like with DKs because they are simply far too over-powered in straight up melee.

    Personally, I'm not a big fan of PvP in most mmos, especially if the mmo has a cash shop. Nobody playing for free will ever be able to compete with wallet-warriors that are willing to dump a $100 into their character, just so they own against everything and everyone in combat. The PvP system in most subscription mmos really isn't that much better to be honest. One class is always losing out to another in some way, and then 6 months later, the reverse happens. This is why balancing is pointless in my opinion. I loved playing rogue in WoW, until the class got seriously nerfed unless you played one particular spec, and even then, the damage wasn't great. The cookie-cutter, everyone the same, talent system also ruined most of the game for me.

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    Re: What i dont want in an MMO.

    To date, Runic has never been PvP-focused. It's only ever been an extra option, with the meat of the game in the monster slaying. As for the cash shop, they're not going to sell any equipment or enhancements, only vanity and social items in the MMO... so long as Perfect World continues with their hands-off approach.

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    Re: What i dont want in an MMO.

    PvP is very important to me. It's something to do when you get bored.
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