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Classless Character


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Classless Character

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Current Version Number: 143 (1/28/2019)

A character without a pre-selected playstyle or class. Build it the way you want!

You start with a generic character who can choose to train in any of 5 disciplines: Fighter, Caster, Defender, Animancer and Rogue.

The skills per discipline are a mix of training passives and of course active skills. The training passives start giving you buffs that are useful for that discipline and they also serve as a "gating" system to "unlock" the active skills. So for example active skill no.5 on discipline no.1 might be available only when you've reached level 15 of the training skill for that discipline.

Building your character the way you want is possible by training in any combination of disciplines that you like, limited only by the number of skill points you get per levelup. The mod gives you 3 points per levelup to faciliate this.

This mod is still very much in development

It's kind of an early Beta stage at the moment. I'm sharing it already because I wanted to get reactions to the skill system specifically - is the unlocking too fast? too slow? Does it make you any more "invested" in your character? And, of course, is it fun?!

Any feedback is much appreciated


This TL2 mod follows through from the great ideas @gytfunke had for a classless character over at Torchmodders (https://bit.ly/2GMUaiS). I also got a lot of help from @doudley and @lolesch for altering the skills UI which is a huge part of this mod. So without these 3 guys I would never have come up with this mod. Thank you guys very much!

The skill system itself is heavily influenced by those in the games Titan Quest(tm) and Grim Dawn(tm).

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