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The Noxmer & Darklite Class (v.465)


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The Noxmer & Darklite Class (v.465)

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Download note: Please use the second .mod file above, I am unable to remove the first! (the first .mod is version 355, the second is version 465).

CAUTION: Contains early files for my upcoming class - The Dark Hunter. Please disregard this class on your Character Creation screen - it is very, VERY alpha!

Hey there everyone!
This mod is simply a class pack that I made mostly for personal use. I uploaded it here mostly for friends to subscribe to, but feel free to subscribe to it yourself if you like.

Both of the classes included are designed to be played with SynergiesMOD on Veteran or higher difficulty. As such, they may be overpowered for use in a more vanilla game environment.

NEW: Now contains the Dark Noxmer class!
This class is a merge between my Noxmer and Darklite classes, taking the best of both worlds and spicing them up a little!
New icons!
New character creation options!
New OPness!
Steak and Bacon pies! What is not to love?!

Get in there and play it!

Tree #1 - Noxium Aspect: Th is tree contains mostly Noxmer based skills. There are a few reworkings in here, such as Nox Missile now firing only 1 projectile at tier 1, though it leeches life which is handy. Barrage has also been adjusted (because it was far too OP).
Tree #2 - Dark Aspect:
Naturally, this contains the best picks from the Darklite skills. There are a number of changes in here mostly to tier bonuses. Levelling has also been moved a bit, makingDarkside harder to pick up.
Tree #3 - Atium Aspect: This tree is primarily for auras, though our friendly Guardian remains in here too.
We have also gotten new icons this time around for the spells, see the credits below.
Finally, we also have more character creation choices though the colour selection pallette could probably be tidier ( there are a few duplicates).


Gameplay for the Darklite class is focused on a more melee oriented playstyle, though the skills do support a hybrid ranged build.

Skill tree overview:

Tree #1 consists of almost purely melee ranged offensive skills. This tree is designed to be your primary damage dealing tree.

Tree #2 consists of a mixture of ranged and more exotic spells and skills. These skills are quite dangerous and a few are designed to be used by a more ranged player.

Tree #3 is the final tree. This tree focuses on summoning, healing & auras. This tree is important for keeping the player alive through combat and can be used to get powerful backup.

As a final note for the Darklite class, as this is quite new some updates might be harmful to you. I will do my absolute best to avoid this situation, but I feel it is important to mention this. Sorry in advance if I break anything!

Finally, let us cover the original class - The Noxmer.

This class is fully playable with 15 ranks available in all skills. Quite a few of the skills are edited vanilla skills, others are changed dramatically. A few have also since been torn down and rebuilt, especially thanks to feedback received via Steam.

To give you an idea of the skills...

Tree #1 consists of mostly magical and ranged oriented assault/damage skills. These will probably be your main combat skills but there are others to choose from to.

Tree #2 is more based around close and melee range skills as well as some damage and armor buffs. This is a tree to look at if you prefer close-range gameplay.

Tree #3 is more about utility skills. There are some summoning skills, poison skills and also a teleport skill. Passives focus on poison and summons.

Anyway, the easiest way to use this mod is through the Steam Workshop via this link:

Otherwise it can be downloaded from this page.

Apart from that, try to have fun!

Credit where credit is due:
Eleazzaar - For posting REALLY good icons for public use on OpenGameArt.Org![opengameart.org]
CC-BY 3.0[creativecommons.org]/CC-BY-SA 3.0[creativecommons.org]/GPL 3.0[www.gnu.org]

Random223/Dread Knight - For also posting awesome icons on OpenGameArt.Org![opengameart.org]
CC-BY-SA 3.0[creativecommons.org]

SkiesUpHigh - for the initial guide which got me started on this!

Angry Tim - for the wonderful guide!

BemusedBear - Without his help at the launch of this class, who knows where we would be right now!

TwinkleToes - For helping me on the forums! I still haven't gotten my % of current HP skill working properly though!

(2014) - For explaining in great detail how to fix the above skill!

Runic - for making an awesome Action RPG!

Known bugs:
Skills that modify HP have a habit of not updating the current value of HP.
An example is "Darkside" - Each use lowers your *current max* HP by a set %, however you end up with values such as 500/300 HP. The total HP drops as it is supposed to but not the current. Anyone with any idea on how to fix this is free to tell me how! You will be credited

Fixed as of v.444! Thank you Chthon from the Runic Game Forums!!

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