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Variant Classes


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Variant Classes

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Mod Description
This is a compilation of high quality custom classes made by various modders.

I was disappointed with the current class mod pack as they were either didn't include my favorite classes or their classes were outdated or buggy. Eventually I decided to learn about merging mods by my own.

All credit goes to the respective author of the mods, but only some permission were granted. I merely compile these mods together and fixed some bugs that were still exist.

Kindly drop by these authors' mod page and rate their mod as a sign of appreciation for their work.
If any of the mod author wishes for their classes to be removed, pm me and perhaps, we could discuss about it.

Special thanks to gytfunke, Phanjam and doudley for sharing their modding knowledge that helped me to create this mod.

Now available at Steam workshop.

Do note that the mod uploaded here (RGF) will always have the latest version. The Steam version of the mod may not have the latest version.


Current version - v11 (June 6th, 2018)


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Post your question or feedback directly to me http://torchmodders.com/forums/mod-s...s-compilation) or in the Steam workshop page. More information about this mod can be found there as well.

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