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Mod Description
Far East Pack Plus, or FEP+ , is another mod pack made out of self enjoyment. It is based on the renown Far East Pack 1 and Far East Pack 2 mod made by the team of talented modders : Zyph, Foldar, Epoch, Minesweeper, Vash, Spawn and Roalith. All credit goes to them for their brilliant piece of work.

Far East Pack 1: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfile.../?id=170299996
Far East Pack 2: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfile.../?id=193078054

Kindly visit the mod pages and rate the mods, as a form of appreciation towards their work. The aim of this mod pack is to (hopefully) fix most bugs that were left behind, while resolving conflict that may arise when played together with Variant Classes mod.

A fair bit of warning : For those who are planned to use this mod, continuing from save file that is using FEP mod made by other modders, expect to lose a good chunk of your old FEP items. This is because I have optimized the file in this mod by deleting files that points to items with similar level/effect, removing abandoned work-in-progress files, correcting unittypes, file directory and file naming method.

Current version - v10 

(July 30th 2018)

General changes
- Fixed Kensei's Arterial Strike interaction with Fine Control. Many thanks to Epoch for his help.
- Another attempt to fix the stat crash bug, courtesy of Epoch. As a result certain skill affixes that scales on weapon dps/damage now scales on either one of the main stats.
- Fixed some typos in certain skills and charge bar.
- Added one Legendary for Hidden Fist, Floating Fist and Closed Fist. They should start drop at level 90+

Skill changes (Kensei)

- Fine Control : Now deals % of weapon damage on proc.
- Pommel Strike : Lowered damage % but higher scaling per level
- Heavenly Slash : Increase damage % slightly
- Nowhere to Run : Increase damage % significantly
- Flash Blade : Increase damage % significantly, cooldown is reduced by 1 sec.
- Thousand Blades : Increase damage % significantly, cooldown is reduced by 1 sec.


(May 30th 2018)

Skill changes (Grandmaster)
- Stamina : Increase the number of attacks required to trigger the healing effect. Drastically reduce the mana recovery.


(May 22nd 2018)

General changes
- Fixed texture issue with level 10 tattoos. 

Skill changes (Grandmaster)
- Cold Death : Cooldown is reduced to 5 sec.
- Power Stomp : Debuff duration is reduced to 6 sec. Cooldown is increased to 3 sec.
- Heaven's Grasp : Cooldown is reduced to 2 sec, cast speed is reduced, debuff duration is set to 4 sec at all levels.
- Roll with the Punch : Cooldown is increased to 40 sec. Replace dodge chance bonus with stun and slow resistance.
- High Kick : Reduced Tier 1 additional damage and cast speed.
- Hard Stance : Damage bonus scales by 40% of Str stats
- Hidden Stance : Damage bonus scales by 60% of Dex stat
- Legendary Stance : Damage bonus scales by 80% of Foc stat


(May 21st 2018)

General changes
- Fixed an error in a Kensei's passive skill that caused the effects to stay permanently after respec.
- Fixed missing texture for certain items.
- Removed polearm requirement from Warrior Monk's Chi Blast as the skill doesn't seem to work with it.
- Reworked Kensei's charge bar effects. Now it increases attack speed by 10% instead of reducing attack speed.
- Reworked Ninja's Stroke of Genius to be a standard passive. It is renamed to Mastermind.
- Increase the health threshold required to trigger Ninja's Escape Mastery.

Skill changes (Grandmaster)
- Reworked Sweeping Technique, it's now called Sudden Rush. It activates speed buff upon execute
- Reduce Flip Kick cooldown to 1 sec.
- Renamed The Button to Quick Uppercut. Corrected its damage and now inflicts higher bleed damage but at the cost of the skill having 1.5 sec cooldown.
- Assigned new tier effects for Devastating Side Kick and corrected its damage. Now able to hit multiple targets.
- Increased cast speed and damage for Spinning Back Fist but removed its bleed damage.
- Revised tier effects for High Kick.

- Enabled all basic hairstyles, hair colors and face options to every Far East classes.
- Fixed a bug which causes certain skills to give out excess skill points upon respec.
- Fixed a bug which causes some weapons to crash the game upon attacking.
- Corrected a bunch of file conflict between pack 1 and 2.
- Attempting to fix stat crash bug which occurs when assigning stats. Unfortunately this issue may still occurs randomly for Ronin and Kensei class. Unequip all of your gears before assigning stats.
- Rework and rebalance many skills of Far East classes. (currently only Kensei, Ninja and Ronin were fully reworked, the rest of the classes were slightly edited)
- Compatible with Variant Classes mod.

Item changes
- Rarity of weapons reworked. e.g Nodachi is now mostly all Unique quality, the Rare counterparts has been entirely removed.
- Adjusted stat requirement for nearly every Far East weapon ; it is now closer to vanilla items.
- More stat variation between Far East weapons e.g different attack speed or damage type
- Reworked affixes on Far East weapons to be less OP.
- New name and description for some weapons. e.g Floating Fist Sword Style is renamed to Blade Style for simplicity purpose. Some skill description are corrected to reflect this changes.

Alternative download link
Steam version, thanks to steffire3

The Steam version of the mod may not have the latest update.

Please report back if you found any issue when playing this mod. Leave your reply here.

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