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Mamba's Core Mod Merge


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Mamba's Core Mod Merge

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  • Author Mamba
  • Uploaded 11-08-2014, 07:56 PM
  • Last Updated 11-08-2014, 07:56 PM
  • Category Compilations (TL2)
  • Total Downloads 2572


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Mamba's Core Mod Merge

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If you are using Synergies, also get the Synergies Compatibility Pack (Steam | RGF).

In order to bypass the 10 mod limit, I merged some mods I like into one.

The Core Mod merge does not change the classes or balance. Even gameplay is only slightly changed, with most of the changes being optional (i.e. you do not need to buy the new potions or make use of the transmuters if you do not want to).

My mod collection consists of

  • Pet Collection (Steam | RGF), a combination of many pet mods, with its Synergies Compatibility Pack. All starter pets have vanilla stats, better pets must be bought at special vendors.
  • Core Mod Merge (Steam | RGF), changes the core game with only minimal changes to gameplay, with its Synergies Compatibility Pack and the optional Drop Enhancement Undo pack to restore the vanilla drop rates.
  • Extended Mod Merge 2 (Steam | RGF), changes / tweaks gameplay slightly more and also changes the classes a bit, with its Synergies Compatibility Pack.

The load order is

1. Drop Enhancement Undo Steam | RGF
2. MEMM2 Synergies Compatibility Pack Steam | RGF
3. MCMM Synergies Compatibility Pack Steam | RGF
4. Extended Mod Merge 2 Steam | RGF
5. Core Mod Merge Steam | RGF
6. MPC Synergies Compatibility Pack Steam | RGF , only needed if you do not use MCMM or MEMM2 and its compatibility pack
7. Pet Collection Steam | RGF
8. Synergies Steam | RGF

You can skip the mods you do not want to use in this sequence.

The following mods are included

Adventurers Starting Gear by Bandit
Class Quest Fix by Roalith
Daylight Robbery by zParticle (I only took the improved drops for racks, mimics, skeletons, not pagodas, barrels etc.)
Draw Distance Extender by Praxonius
Drop Enhancer by Phixsator
Golden Chest by Hene
iQuestRewards by sol (technically not included, superseded by Class Quest Fix)
Toy Collector by Chewtoy
True Mimic by zParticle

Gameplay Convenience
BagMod by JonJon 2.0 (custom version, Player: 10/5/5, Player Stash: 30/10/10, Shared Stash: 50/20/20 pages)
Free Entrance Resurrection by Anonanon
Fish Details by Lone Wolf McQuade (descriptions only)
Mountains of Consumables by Xure
Safe Dialogs by zParticle

Gameplay Variety
Aegis Crypt by Gorogorosama
Aegis Sands by Gorogorosama
Blanks Landmarks by PatrickB
Endless Dungeon by Wayback (portal only in Mapworks, not in towns)
Extra Chunky (v5) by Abe
New Champion Names by Wayback

Act 1+2 Gambler by SirFlashington
Adventure Mart by DraconiusKnight (complete redo by me, modularized to not use any standard files, bugfixes)
Enchanter Pack by Manly Man (technically not included, superseded by Toy Collector)
Gem Merchants by young buffalo
iMerchants by sol
SpellVendor by Jaggid Edje

Headcrab skins by KingHeadcrab (except for the rainbow skin)
More Pet Skins by Super-Colliding Super Button
More Skins Tiger by Clemalum07
Owl Colors by Anonanon (I only took the non-evil-eyed skins)
Torchlight Pets by SirFlashington (Claptrap only, additional skins)

General Vendor Potions by Fuubox (I increased the prices somewhat for the base potion and a lot for the higher levels)
Respec Potion by Runic Games
Restat Potion by Phamton

Ember Gem Upgrade by Kriss_gjeng (I only took the gem upgrades, not the skull upgrades)
Fish Up by Seyjin
Rejuvenation Potion Recipe by Kriss_gjeng
Unique Reroll by Bandit

8 Player Multiplayer by Runic Games
Better Loot Colors by Lone Wolf McQuade
Better Sorting by jon.wd7
Bugfix by zParticle
Dark UI by ricschick (slightly modified by me)
Pet Return Box Top Left by Mnk
Pretty Damage by t-oastbro-t
Red Penalty Marker by 8muyo8
SimpleHUD by Ryans233
Slimmer Loot Borders by Xure
Unidentified Items are Yellow by zParticle (used red instead of yellow)
Unique Beams by Aherin
Unusable Items are Dark by zParticle (merged with UID are Yellow)

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