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Mamba's Pet Collection


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Mamba's Pet Collection

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  • Author Mamba
  • Uploaded 11-08-2014, 07:57 PM
  • Last Updated 11-08-2014, 07:57 PM
  • Category Compilations (TL2)
  • Total Downloads 2648


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Mamba's Pet Collection

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If you are using Synergies, also get the Synergies Compatibility Pack (Steam | RGF).

This mod is not merging several mods together, it 'only' combines the content of several mods.

The difference is that instead of taking the files from the different mods, I mostly use new files. I did this for several reasons
- to establish a convention of where a file should be and what it should be named (the mods all had different approaches to that)
- to remove overlap (several mods included the same pets or minimal variations)
- to remove abandoned work-in-progress files
- to hopefully fix the bugs still present in the mods according to some posts in their respective threads and other mod discussions

Because of this, when loading the mods included in this collection along with my mod, most files from the original mods will not be overwritten, instead you will mostly have two versions of the pets.

If you are switching over from the original versions, load my mod last and buy a new pet from the pet vendors. This ensures that they are only selling pets from my mod and you should then be able to unbind the original mod.

Finally, I also changed some of the pets. All starter pets are now equal, none of the new starter pets are superior to the vanilla starter pets. They have no skills and they all have the same HP and deal the same damage, etc. None of the 'fish' (essences) sold will drop in game, so the only way to get the additional pets (other than the starter ones) is by buying them from the vendors.

My mod collection consists of

  • Pet Collection (Steam | RGF), a combination of many pet mods, with its Synergies Compatibility Pack. All starter pets have vanilla stats, better pets must be bought at special vendors.
  • Core Mod Merge (Steam | RGF), changes the core game with only minimal changes to gameplay, with its Synergies Compatibility Pack and the optional Drop Enhancement Undo pack to restore the vanilla drop rates.
  • Extended Mod Merge 2 (Steam | RGF), changes / tweaks gameplay slightly more and also changes the classes a bit, with its Synergies Compatibility Pack.

The load order is

1. Drop Enhancement Undo Steam | RGF
2. MEMM2 Synergies Compatibility Pack Steam | RGF
3. MCMM Synergies Compatibility Pack Steam | RGF
4. Extended Mod Merge 2 Steam | RGF
5. Core Mod Merge Steam | RGF
6. MPC Synergies Compatibility Pack Steam | RGF , only needed if you do not use MCMM or MEMM2 and its compatibility pack
7. Pet Collection Steam | RGF
8. Synergies Steam | RGF

You can skip the mods you do not want to use in this sequence.

Pets and skins from the following mods are included

Pet Skins
Headcrab skins by KingHeadcrab (except for the rainbow one)
More Pet Skins by Super-Colliding Super Button
More Skins Tiger by Clemalum07
Owl Colors by Anonanon (I only took the non-evil-eyed skins)

Boss Pets by Lone Wolf McQuade
Companion Cube Pet by Jigglenomicon
Ezreal Companion by Zerraxus
More Pets Mod by Anarch
Pets by SirJakeTheRandom
Starter Pets by Praxonius
Torchlight Pets by SirFlashington
Xev's Pets by mathewmcallahan

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