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Unearthed Arcana


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Unearthed Arcana

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  • Author DeeZire
  • Uploaded 10-09-2014, 12:35 PM
  • Last Updated 04-05-2018, 07:33 PM
  • Category Compilations (TL2)
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Torchlight II
Unearthed Arcana
Touched by the hand of DeeZire - http://www.moddb.com/members/deezire


I simply love Torchlight II - I can't get enough of it. After GUTS was released and I started digging around in the game files, I found that there was a surprising amount of stuff in the game that's never used, seen or utilised for various reasons so I have meticulously pieced all of this together over a long period of time and built this mod around that.

I'm a vanilla player by nature so the aim of this has been to remain true and faithful to the core game and the developers vision, whilst at the same time remaining entirely consistent with the game world and it's lore. What I've tried to achieve is something that in terms of it's looks, gameplay and consistency with the game is as good as what Runic would release - because 99% of what the mod features has actually been created by Runic themselves, and given how much I've done here, what you have here is probably the next best thing to an official expansion pack. It's on this basis that I used the name 'Unearthed Arcana' as I thought it was quite fitting.

Thanks for using Unearthed Arcana - the amount of work that's gone into this is insane, but I hope you get as much enjoyment from playing it as I have had creating it!

- Added a number of new loading screens based on original artwork by Mike Franchina who worked on the game. Hope he doesn't mind as it was a real shame these did not make the final release*.
- Increased the multiplayer maximum player count to 8*.
- Fixed a number of issues on the charge bars - the Engineer bar now has different sounds for each charge and the Embermage bar now has it's own sound when full. The Outlander bar now glows properly when full and also has its own sound to indicate this (all of the sounds employed are unused in the game). These changes mean that all charge bars now properly function as they should do including sounds and glow effects.
- Reduced the duration of the tips menu to 10 seconds and the pet return notification to 5 seconds as I felt these got too intrusive even if they proved to be useful.
- Added 3 new fame levels with titles meaning it is now possible to attain 135 skill points in total. This change enhances player character builds without impacting on the core gameplay due to the structure and the mechanics of the skill point system, and was necessitated by the addition of new quests and events (see below) - this way players cannot become over-powered too early in the game by acquiring extra fame that these events provide.
- Enabled a multitude of player character and narrator voices that are unused in the game to reduce repetition and duplication of the existing ones.
- Added a number of new level & layout chunks to existing dungeon tilesets for much greater random environmental variety*. I have also fixed and enabled the chunks that are in the game already but are never used or seen.
- Added 3 new emotes to multiplayer games (animations in the game but unused);-
  • /GUITAR - player rocks out on the air guitar (as seen in the BETA, complete with sounds and effects)
  • /MOON - player makes like a legend
  • /COSSACK - player dances strangely

- A large number of improvements have been made to the game in the form of sounds, animations, models, music, particles, dungeon environments and more - each individual change is not that significant but the overall collective effect greatly enhances the game. You are sure to notice something you haven't seen or heard before and all of these things were in the game files but never used (note that these are things that are specific to Torchlight II, not recycled leftovers from Torchlight I that remain in the game files).
- There are a number of NPC dialogues that refer to names, places and events that no longer appear in the game due to changes made at various stages of development. There are also a number of NPC dialogues that for various reasons are never seen or used, and instances where NPCs refer to completion of events (or refer to non-completion of events) inappropriately. All such issues have been fixed, so whilst I have kept all of the dialogues intact to preserve the lore and game world canon, I have corrected all errors and made use of those that would not appear. This means that by interacting with NPCs there is a little more to be discovered about the lore and the storyline than you may previously have known. Note that, as in the standard game, an NPC may have more than one dialogue at any one time so interacting with them more than once may reveal more.
- Fixed an issue where it was possible to cast map portals in some areas of the game where it should not be possible to do so (notably some dungeon 'boss' rooms where it should not be possible by design as it makes them artificially easy).
- It is no longer possible to obtain legendary items from Gamblers - some of the high level items added in a patch were classified as unique items instead which made them available to the pool of items open to the Gamblers, so these have been rendered unavailable to them.
- Enchanters will now walk away after disenchanting items in the same way they do after enchanting items - I made this change to avoid them being unfairly exploited as the concept seemed to be that they walk away after they have provided their services.
- Fixed a game bug where the poison enchanters could not provide the most powerful enchantment to poison damage - they now bestow enchantments in the same way and in the same ranges as all of the other elemental ones.
- Bincho The Haggler has been enabled in the game - will you find him? He functions exactly like the other Gamblers and has a small number of unidentified items for sale at half price. This NPC was in the game but unused - please be assured that Bincho is not responsible for the sale of kitchens.
- Added a Rejuvination Potion recipe to the Item Combiner - this functions in the same manner as Health and Mana potion recipes and it seemed odd to me that it wasn't in the game already.
- The 'Gem Smasher' and 'Gem Saver' NPCs now have voices as the other merchant NPCs do.
- A Respec Potion has been added to all general goods vendors*.
- It is now genuinely possible to increase your fishing luck with items (although the items that do this are very rare) - a bug in the affixes meant any such items increased your magic-finding luck instead. Additionally, Filip The Lucky (Enchanter) can now enchant items with Fishing Luck too.
- Where appropriate, penalties on items or skills are now in red text as they were in Torchlight I to make it a little easier to compare items - the implementation of this is not perfect but I personally find it better.
- Fixed several issues where some player skills requirements and/or tier bonuses were incorrect.
- Weapon Racks now appear more appropriately to their location (alternate models unused in the game).
- The unused merchant Luren now appears in The Minehead instead of Jana (this removes the duplication between The Minehead and the Imperial Camp so she is no longer in 2 places at once).
- All NPCs in the Mapworks are now robots and now have voices that were unused in the game. Compass The Map Seller now has a unique skin to differentiate him from the others.
- Enabled a hidden stat in the Arcane Statistics menu which details your total missile range bonus for ranged
- New stat in the Arcane Statistics menu that tracks how many 'secret rooms' you have discovered.
- The narrator now correctly announces when you have learned new spells.
- Added a Target Dummy to The Minehead and also an unused NPC for Skill Respec (since it was the only town that didn't have them).
- Fixed a game annoyance where units that spawn in a scripted manner could sometimes show the first animation frame incorrectly making it obvious where they were about to appear and thus ruining the element of surprise.
- There are several other things hidden in the game files that I have included or enabled, although I will not reveal those as in the world of Torchlight I think it's best that some things should remain a mystery...

- Enabled a number of items that do not normally drop or appear in the game, including weapons and armour as well as socketables and spells - for the sake of not spoiling anything they are not listed here although there is quite a lot!
- A number of spells that are unused in the game (or do not work) have been fixed and enabled so they now drop in the world and can be used;-
  • Waypoint Portal (creates a waypoint portal to town, an alternative to collecting and using scrolls)
  • Whirling Flames (launches exploding disks of flames)
  • Roller (launches a rolling wheel of fire that damages all targets in its path)
  • Critical Strikes (tome that improves critical hit chance and damage)
  • Summon Flaming Sword (summons an enchanted sword that attacks enemies)
  • Recharge (like the Heal Self spell except this one restores Mana over time)
  • Poison Cloud (blasts a poison cloud around you)
  • Tunnelers (launches tunneling exploding mines)
  • Summon Aloe Gel (summons a healing gel that heals you and your allies)
  • Summon Blood Zombie (summons a blood zombie that attacks enemies)
  • Identify Item (currently not working - I have left it in for completion so it can be sold to vendors)

- Changed a number of icons for fish to ones which I think are more fitting and to make use of some that are not used in the game. Also enabled a number of fish that are unused in the game some of which have effects carried over from Torchlight I;-
  • Giant Largemouth Bass (permanently transforms pet into a Mimic)
  • Tasty Fish Meat (restores health and mana over time)
  • Sushi Grade Fish Meat (restores more health and mana over time)
  • Albino Halibut (increased chance to block for 5 minutes)
  • Blind Eel (permanent +1 to Dexterity attribute - can only ever eat one)
  • Glowshark (permanent +1 to Focus attribute - can only ever eat one)
  • Axe Ray (permanent +1 to Vitality attribute - can only ever eat one)
  • Magmamouth Bass (permanent +1 Strength attribute - can only ever eat one)
  • Gruefish (increased poison damage and poison resistance for 5 minutes)
  • Molten Eel (increased fire damage and fire resistance for 5 minutes)
  • Spark Fish (increased electrical damage and electrical resistance for 5 minutes)
  • Ancient Gumfish (increased ice damage and ice resistance for 5 minutes)
  • Bearded Fish (increased physical armour for 5 minutes)
  • Emberbright Cod (increased fishing luck for 5 minutes)
  • Trufflesnout Fish (increased gold and magic find for 10 minutes)
  • Electric Eel (transform pet into a Golem Of Electricity)
  • Firefish (transform pet into a Golem Of Fire)
  • Venomfish (transform pet into a Golem Of Poison)
  • Ice Angel (transform pet into a Golem Of Ice)
  • Improbably Large Jellyfish (transform pet into a Troll)
  • Ordraake Polyp (+25% increase in magic finding luck for 15 minutes)
  • Leviathan Tooth (+100% knockback resistance for 15 minutes)
  • Ember Fish Eye (+20% experience gain for 5 minutes)
  • Overseers Eye (permanent +25 health)

- Renamed Skull of X'n!troph to Skull of X'n'troph (presumed it was a typo).
- Alchemist Rings now stand a small chance of dropping when you defeat the Alchemist. These four rings are each specific to a character class but a bug in the drop tables prevented them appearing in the game.
- Moved General Grell's helms into the Grell's Arsenal set from the Runemaster set to avoid confusion. Note that it is still entirely possible to obtain a complete Runemaster set and thus obtain all of the relevant bonuses. In addition, Grell's set items will now only drop from Grell or his minions and will no longer drop 'in the wild'.
- Moved the Vitruvian Ring from the Aegis set to the Cornerstone set. I assumed its placement was an error as its level and description seem more fitting to Cornerstone, and the Cornerstone set was missing a ring making it impossible to complete. Note that it is still entirely possible to obtain a complete Aegis set and thus obtain all of the relevant bonuses so this change now makes that possible for the Cornerstone set too.
- For ease of identification, magic (green) items now have green particles when they drop in the world rather than sharing the blue particles used by rare items - this means their colour scheme now matches their text and icon overlay.
- To make them easier to spot, legendary item drops now have their own red particles and the text when they drop now stays bright red (they normally share the same particles as unique items and their text would turn gold on mouseover - these things often lead to them being overlooked as unique items instead). Legendary drops now have their own sound which would not normally play in the game.
- A number of rare items have been re-classified as unique items - this is merely me being picky as the items concerned are unique in that they are all 'one of a kind' so the difference is purely cosmetic in the UI.
- Fixed a bug where the Chaos Ember Speck was incorrectly given lifesteal (the affix was incorrect and should not apply to it).
- Enabled the Transmute Scroll - this item functions in a similar way to Identify Scrolls - it will transmute an item into its constituent gold and possibly an ember as well. Note that the gold obtained in this way will be significantly less than that obtained by selling the item.
- It is now possible to obtain any item from Torchlight I in Torchlight II - every item has been ported including all sets and these have all been balanced and tuned to be consistent with Torchlight II. This has inrceased the loot table by over 2,000 more items including 28 sets, 13 legendaries and numerous unique items.

- Fixed a bug where the dialogues that appear for random events and encounters always informed you that you would receive no gold, experience or fame even if they were to be awarded - the correct numbers now appear. In addition, all such events now have titles instead of being blank (to remain consistent with the game world the titles employed are from unused events or quests that remain residual in the game files).
- In line with the Act II introductory cinematic and some NPC dialogues, the Herkon Embercraft will not appear in Zeryphesh until you complete the 'Getting One's Bearings' sidequest in the Ossean Wastes - you will therefore be unable to travel to another town until this is completed. In addition, completion of this event will now result in the Embercraft not appearing in the Ossean Wastes thereafter.
- The game no longer skips a speech by The Guardian of the Wild thus filling a small gap in the storyline by giving you a more detailed explanation of why you need to travel to Act II.
- Similarly, a speech by the Guardian of Mana is no longer skipped in The Minehead thus providing a more cohesive explanation of events at the start of Act IV.
- Fixed a bug that prevented the banner appearing and announcing the start of Act IV.
- Quests in Act IV are now all displayed appropriately in the HUD so it is clearer what you need to do and where you need to go.
- Added the missing voices for the Imperial Railmaster when you turn in the quests with him when progressing through Acts.
- Fixed the issue where the word 'hidden' could remain persistent in the Quest Log once you had completed the main storyline.
- The creature that carries the key to the locked golden chest that can be found in overworld areas may now be one of two instead of being the same one all the time - it may be a Twistblade Pixie or Bittersprite (the Twistblade Pixie is in the game but not used).
- A number of quests that are in the game but are unused, incomplete, bugged or otherwise unavailable have been fixed, completed and enabled where relevant;-
  • 'Wash Away My Sins' can be found in The Temple Steppes (this now appears instead of the 'Ghosts Of Plunder Cove' quest)
  • 'Angry Beasts' can be found in The Temple Steppes
  • 'The Merryweather Poultice' can be found in The Temple Steppes
  • 'Hidden Costs' can be found in Crows Pass
  • 'Ghost Of A Chance' can be found in The Frosted Hills
  • 'Body Work' can be found in the Ossean Wastes
  • 'The Crab Trap' can be found in The Salt Barrens
  • 'The Key To Victory' can be found in The Salt Barrens
  • 'Ghosts of Plunder Cove' has been moved to near The Ship Graveyard in The Salt Barrens - it makes more sense to me there and appears to be where it was originally designed (the original trigger and quest giver were unused)
  • 'Shadow of the Skara' has been fixed so that the bonus reward is now correctly made available
  • 'The Cave In' is now correctly a main quest rather than a secondary side quest and thus cannot be abandoned (otherwise there is the possibility of having no quests active at all which can lead to some confusion as to what to do next or where to go) - this also fixes a game bug where abandoning this quest could lead to you being unable to progress the storyline at all under some conditions.
  • 'Truffle Kerfuffle' can be found in The Rotted Path
  • 'Seeing Things' can be found in The Blightbogs
  • 'The Growing Rift' can be found in Rivenskull Gorge

- It is now actually possible to obtain the ring described in the quest 'The Locket' - it stands a chance of dropping from the Wraith Lord (the two variants of this item were unused in the game).
- Elder Valin now has a unique model (this was unused in the game).
- Lord Taldimut now has a unique model - his model was actually given to The Faceless King so I have changed his to the Zerapahi ghost model - things seem more fitting to me this way around.
- The mechanism for events and secondary quests has been slightly adjusted in that their locations will no longer be shown on the auto-map or made immediately obvious as to where their objectives are. I made this change as I wanted to encourage more exploration and interaction rather than have players go immediately to where was needed, so this way things are a little less obvious. To supplement this, any items that must be collected in any quest are now indicated on the auto-map with their own icon once they are discovered to serve
as a reminder.
- A couple of icons for quest and level items have been changed to ones I think are more fitting and to make use of those that are not used in the game.
- All Phase Beast rooms now stand an equal chance of appearing in their respective zones. In addition, three Phase Beast challenges that do not normally appear in the game have been fixed and enabled. For the sake of completeness, all Phase Beast challenges now have an 'instructions' message (a couple did not have them).
- You can no longer send your pet back to town from within any of the Phase Beast Challenge rooms.
- A number of random events exist in the game but never appear as they are bugged, incomplete or otherwise disabled - these have all been fixed, completed and added in appropriate areas so there are now many more random events that can occur throughout the game.

- Enabled a number of monster names and titles that are unused in the game but which appeared in Torchlight I.
- A number of monsters that are never used or seen have been enabled, fixed and added to the relevant areas of the game;-
  • Infected Warbeast
  • Undead Brute
  • Blackfist Pikeman
  • Blackfist Spectre
  • Manaburned Tatterwing
  • Skara Queen
  • Faceless Spectre
  • Muscaria Brute (this never appeared outside of Tarroch's Tomb)
  • Spore Sprout
  • Mycon Lobber
  • Bloated Mycon
  • Cave Troll (unused re-skin of the other trolls)
  • Gargoyle (champion variant with unique skin)
  • Magma Gargoyle
  • Vampiric Spider
  • Molebeast
  • Chakawary
  • Tomb Screecher
  • Dragonwing
  • Burrower (non-desert version)
  • Tu'Tara Flameweaver (alternate version of Tu'Tara Sandweaver)
  • Varkolyn Sharpshooter
  • Varkolyn Brute champion (alternate version that uses fire attacks rather then electric)
  • Toxic Archer (poisonous version of the Voltaic Archer)
  • Ancient Skeletal Champion (alternative version of Blade/Shield Stalkers)
  • Flesheater (zombie variant)
  • Voltaic Bat
  • Blighted Werewolf

- A number of existing monsters have been made more unique to reduce duplication and repetition by making use of models and skins that would otherwise not be seen or used in the game;-
  • King Pogg now has a unique skin
  • Blackclaw (the Werewolf champion) now has a unique skin and has been renamed to Vargulf (the name of the unique claw he can drop) as Blackclaw is a name already used by a variant of Sturmbeorn
  • Runecaller (Sturmbeorn) now has a unique skin
  • Clovenhoof champions now have a unique skin
  • Frost Screecher Alpha renamed to Ice Screecher and now has unique skin
  • Manaburned Ezrohir now has a unique skin
  • Tatterwings & Roostlings have a unique skin to differentiate them from Skara
  • Acid Gels have a unique skin and colour scheme to differentiate them from Noxious Gels
  • Mycon Brute champion now has a unique model
  • Toth the Coward now has a unique skin
  • Tomb Fiend champion now has a unique skin to differentiate it from the standard Fiend champion

- All Ezrohir in outdoor desert areas are now their correct desert variants rather than some being of standard appearance.
- There are a number of skills and abilities that are not used by the relevant monsters in the game - these have all been fixed and assigned where appropriate, making quite a few encounters a little less predictable.
- Added 'Extra Strong' to the pool of affixes available to Netherim champion monsters (unused in the game).
- The Swamp Golem that protects Cacklespit has been re-named to 'Ancient Rag Doll'. I did this just for kicks as this is the monster that should be defeated in order to earn the (broken) Steam achievement 'Playing With Dolls'.

- All of the random dungeons from Torchlight I have been added to the game - Mines, Lava Prison, Palace, Caves, Fortress, Ruins and Crypt - and have been refined and enhanced so that they are perfectly consistent with Torchlight II. Access to these ancient places is only possible through use of a Map that can be used in The Mapworks and stands a small chance of dropping in the world. These dungeons will always scale to your character level, will always be randomly generated and consist of several floors with a 'reward' room at the end.
- All Mapworks maps have been overhauled so that they now all properly use their correct themes. Additionally, the maps now use monster sets that are more fitting with their environment and all 'bosses' at the end of each map are now announced in a similar manner to the ones in the main game.
- Nether Portals are now only available in NG+ rather than randomly appearing in Acts II & III in normal mode. In addition, the treasure found in Nether dungeons has been upweighted as it only uses the standard small treasure chest spawn class which I found was unrewarding on the balance of their difficulty and the point at which they appear in the game.
- Fixed a couple of issues where events intended only for NG+ could randomly appear in Normal mode.
- Ice Cave type maps that are available in the Mapworks now have their own icon for ease of identification (the correct icon is now used which was not utilised in the game).
- Moved the Ice Labs dungeon from Crows' Pass to The Frosted Hills (NG+ only).
- New dungeon in The Blightbogs in NG+ mode(s) - Howling Cave is not used in the game and makes use of monsters that would otherwise not appear anywhere in the game.
- More maps have been added to the Mapworks that make use of the Desert Caves tileset - this means that each dungeon environment in the game is now represented within the maps available in the Mapworks.
- Bounty Boards now appear in NG+ modes and can be found in all 3 towns - they will give optional, random, repeatable quests that require you to kill a random number of randomly chosen monsters and reward you with Fame and Gold. A new quest will become available each time you re-enter a town (provided you don't already have one active).
- Fixed and enabled a couple more events that due to their configuration would not normally appear in the game. These have been configured so that they will only appear in NG+ modes.
- Added the town of Torchlight as an alternative (or supplementary) 'endgame' feature. Upon completion of the main quest line, the Guardian of Mana will open a portal to Torchlight and ask you to report back to the Destroyer there to inform him of your victory. The Destroyer can then provide you with random quests that take place in the Shadow Vault. The Shadow Vault is an infinite dungeon (as it was in Torchlight I) in that it is endless, with monsters increasing in levels the deeper you go - the dungeon matches your level from the first floor.

- Despite my best attempts I have been unable to get the broken Steam achievement 'Playing With Dolls' to trigger.
- The mod has been written as a standalone and thus compatability with any other mods is unlikely due to the extent of the changes made and the number of files modified. I can therefore only recommend using this mod on it's own and not in conjunction with any others.
- Due to the number of changes made and files modified, I only recommend using the mod with a newly rolled character for the best possible experience - the mod has been written with a 'fresh start' in mind.

Enchanted by DeeZire at http://www.moddb.com/members/deezire. Feel free to share or publish anywhere but please note that any redistribution of this mod must be unmodified, accompanied with this ReadMe file intact and with full credit given to me. This mod is NOT to be amended from its original form or used in any 'compilation' type mods - this would create a support nightmare for me and thus lead to a detrimental experience for players.

*I would like to acknowledge and thank Runic Games, in particular Brian and Patrick, for the 8 Player, Respec Potion, Extra Chunky and Blank's Landmarks mods which have all been utilised here as well as Mike Franchina for his brilliant artwork that was used on the new loading screens.

Please do not e-mail me asking if there will be another version/how to do something/whether you can use something from the mod. My time is limited these days so to avoid future embarrassment the answer in all cases is 'no'. This does not mean the mod is abandonware - I still use it and may still release an update at some point if I find the time.

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