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Mamba's Extended Mod Merge 2


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Mamba's Extended Mod Merge 2

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  • Author Mamba
  • Uploaded 11-08-2014, 08:01 PM
  • Last Updated 11-08-2014, 08:01 PM
  • Category Compilations (TL2)
  • Total Downloads 2311


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Mamba's Extended Mod Merge 2

This is the successor to my original Extended Mod Merge. I discontinued the old mod, as the latest set of changes would cause compatibility issues.

This mod uses a different GUID. If you have the old one, the two mods should not be played together. Characters that started with the old mod should continue with it, if you switch over, you will loose some items. Also, this mod does not contain any of the class changes the original MEMM had.

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If you are using Synergies, also get the Synergies Compatibility Pack (Steam | RGF).

This mod is not dependent on Core Mod Merge (Steam | RGF), it does overwrite some of MCMM's files however.

I used the same logic introduced by Legendary AddOn 2.0 for the additional items included in this mod.

My mod collection consists of

  • Pet Collection (Steam | RGF), a combination of many pet mods, with its Synergies Compatibility Pack. All starter pets have vanilla stats, better pets must be bought at special vendors.
  • Core Mod Merge (Steam | RGF), changes the core game with only minimal changes to gameplay, with its Synergies Compatibility Pack and the optional Drop Enhancement Undo pack to restore the vanilla drop rates.
  • Extended Mod Merge 2 (Steam | RGF), changes / tweaks gameplay slightly more and also changes the classes a bit, with its Synergies Compatibility Pack.

The load order is

1. Drop Enhancement Undo Steam | RGF
2. MEMM2 Synergies Compatibility Pack Steam | RGF
3. MCMM Synergies Compatibility Pack Steam | RGF
4. Extended Mod Merge 2 Steam | RGF
5. Core Mod Merge Steam | RGF
6. MPC Synergies Compatibility Pack Steam | RGF , only needed if you do not use MCMM or MEMM2 and its compatibility pack
7. Pet Collection Steam | RGF
8. Synergies Steam | RGF

You can skip the mods you do not want to use in this sequence.

Hardcore Supermod Overhaul by Reat (new champion affixes and champions, double the champions, stronger traps (x1.5 instead of x2), additional potions and some spells)
Legendary Addon 2.0 by RnF
Minigun Weapon by Evilneko (including additional variants, LAO style)
Reiners Gear by Sui (including additional variants, LAO style)
Spell Pack by Attack Gorilla

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