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Force Mod 3.0


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Force Mod 3.0

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Update 3.0
I was able to update all the icons. Some still use the standard icons but I added a bunch as well. I fixed some particle effects for a few skills and tried again to do the lightsaber glow but it didn't work

Not sure if this is an issue, but my padawan is spamming force lightning and doesn't stop even if everyone is dead. It is a copy of a TL2 skill so not sure why it's happening. Let me know if you see the same and I'll look into it.

I also balanced some of the skills. This mod will stay like this unless I figure out one of the below:
-Fix the Deflection skill description to be correct. Right now it looks low but it is actually really high. I'm not sure why this skill isn't calculating the deflection affix how I think it should be. There is something else it is using for the calculation that I couldn't find.
-Fix the lightsaber glows
-Have the lightsaber throw spin and come back
-Add other models for summon bot skills

The mod isn't on the site yet. It looks like the server move broke some things so I can't access my mod anymore and it won't let me upload the new file.
For now, here is a dropbox link.
Update 2.0

I've revised the glaive throw skill to now be a lightsaber throw skill. However, I couldn't get it to spin. I could get the hilt to spin but the glow wouldn't. I think it's because the line emitter for the glow is actually a point that moves in a line very fast. This means it doesn't spin, or at least I couldn't get it to spin. I'll keep trying and update if I figure it out.

I also couldn't get the lightsaber to return and it is an extra lightsaber that is thrown (like a throwing knife but a lightsaber), not the one in your hand. I did change the color to purple though.

I also tried to change the glow to allow more colors and nothing was working. For now I guess I'll drop it but you will find some monsters with lightsaber glow in their weapons. I kind of like it as it looks like the monsters are trying to add the power of the lightsabers to their own weapons

My next step is to fix the icons. I couldn't get the other ones to work but I will try to make a new icon file using the standard one as a template. That may fix the issues.
Hello Everyone,

Thank you for testing and helping out with my Jedi conversion mod from TL1 to TL2.

This mod is the combination of the Lightsaber and SW_Pet mods. Those mods will stay the same. This mod is the one I'm working on now and will update as I improve the mod.

-Lightsabers currently use the elemental affix for the glows. This limits the glow to electric, fire, and poison. I tried to use unitthemes but the glow would trail the blade. There is a way to fix the particle effect to the blade so it won't move I just need to figure it out.
-The Force User class has a lightsaber throw skill but it is just a copy of the glaive throw skill. I need to fix the glow above before I can swap out a lightsaber for the glaive.
-I also want to add some more models, clone trooper and HK droid to replace the heal and gun bot summons that are currently in the skill tree.
-Icons are all TL2 standard icons. It didn't like the icons I made so I need to figure out how to add the new icons.

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