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MTaur mod trio - Beta classes added!


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MTaur mod trio - Beta classes added!

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1. MTaur's Potions Rework - Basic potions restore much less per second, and last 30 rather than 8 seconds. Rejuvenation potions are not for sale. Additionally, tiered "Philosopher" potions are for sale and in the pet shop list. They are slightly weaker than the corresponding Health and Mana potions, but last for 15 minutes, are highly cost-efficient, and provide a bonus to Gold Find. Third, special versions of each Philosopher potion exist and are in the pet shopping list. These provide an additional perk, such as Magic Find, Move Speed, or Damage Reduction.

2. MTaur's Anti-one-shotting Mod (Veteran and below) - Normal monsters deal 12.5% less damage, have 60% more health, and grant 10% more XP than Vanilla. Champion monsters deal 12.5% less damage and are otherwise unchanged. The damage spikes are lessened so that sustain-oriented potions (rather than burst-oriented) will be effective. Fights are less binary, in that the outcome isn't decided by whether or not the burst can break the sustain barrier of your health pool and your best health potion.

3. MTaur's Cooldown Gating Mod (burst vs DPS skill differentiation) - DPS skills are mostly unchanged, but many skills do more damage and are much less spammable. Most skills with CC effects now have significant cooldowns. Some, but not most, skills now scale off of weapon damage instead of weapon DPS, affecting some interactions between skills and 2H build choices. Arc Beam in particular has a 30-second cooldown, does tons of damage based on Weapon Damage, and uses mana rapidly. This should synergize well with Charge, but the long cooldown is a bit limiting and you need to mind your positioning. Most damaging skills now do noticeable damage at the very least. Gone is the spammable CC spell that does 12 damage. Engineer skills often scale more dramatically as Charge generators/spenders than in the past.

I don't know if I'm going to upload these separately. Slightly older versions exist on Steam as separate mods.

Feel free to alter anything. I'd love to hear about tweaks/fixes that you might choose to implement. The cooldown gating mod could have balance issues in places simply because it modifies almost every player skill in the game, so some skills may have gotten sloppy first-pass treatment compared to others.

Beta classes: I've been working on a couple of Frankenstein classes with their own passives.

The file MTAUR'S_MOD_TRIO_BETA_CLASSES.MOD contains the mod trio, a few more tuning changes, AND two Frankenstein classes. The other file contains ONLY the mod trio, with no new classes.

In many cases, the new class skills use direct references to the base class skills and affixes, so many changes to Outlander/Embermage/Etc. will impact these two classes directly. Only in specific cases where I wanted to modify the skills, requirements, or names independently did I clone the skill. This was a practical decision so I could continue to tweak things in one place instead of two as I continue to work on the mod.

Pirate - Pistol-and-melee dual-wield class. Passives and skills mostly depend on RH Pistol and LH melee. Skullmug briefly grants 1/1.5/2% health regen/sec after any kill, for 1-5 seconds renewable, depending on the passive level. The rest is a sort of Outlander/Engineer hybrid. Blast Cannon makes an appearance, with less range and more damage, and a bit of a cooldown. Implosion makes an appearance from the Embermage class, too. Long Range Mastery has been scrapped. Instead, the two weapons scale off of each other, and the Pirate gets an attack damage bonus paired with a smaller attack speed penalty, along with some skills that scale off of weapon damage. Between Skullmug and the bonus stats, the odd demands of mid-ranged melee/pistol fighting might be manageable. What I don't want is a lose-lose situation where you can never equip enough gear to stay in the game. But with the extra stats, a few scalings might have to be tuned down later on.

Ascetic - Kind of slow, goofy, and hard-mode. I'm not sure how it's going. I'm just trying to give polearms and bows some attention, where in vanilla Shotgun and dual-pistol got all of the love. This class has a weird double-edged passive, which restores or reduces health/mana in a linear way toward 60% or so (I keep tweaking it). This class also has large penalties to potions and fame, around -70% at the moment. Also has penalized gold drops, but gains gains bonuses depending on missing health% at higher ranks. This class begins with -20% attack and cast speed, but +20% total damage, and earns back 1% AS/CS per skill rank in the passive.

This class scales uniquely well with raw health, +potion effectiveness gear, and HP/time gear. And they can proc Stormclaw with bow attacks. At low levels, the Clovenhoof set is a godsend, and Blade Pact is priceless early on for surviving as a melee against champions. The pacing can be a bit sluggish, though. Waiting out the recovery to get more hits in slows down melee play a bit too much, but I don't want to make the healing passive too strong to the point of cheating death too easily.

MTAUR_MOD_TRIO_BETA_CLASSES_V2.MOD - new version, self-contained. Use it alone without the other files. This version adds the Sacrifice skill to the Ascetic class at level 7. This skill should make pacing for the Ascetic more manageable without needing absurd health recovery gear. What it does: Lose about 50% current health over 3 seconds, while gaining about 75% maximum health over 15 seconds. Finding a safe and optimal time to use the skill is your responsibility. It could take 4 or 5 seconds to break even, or possibly longer if you use it from closer to full health. Don't forget that Stone Pact is another option at higher levels! (I roughly halved the cooldown timer AND the healing of this skill while I was at it, by the way. Untested on Epic, but it should be well-balanced in Veteran based on previous plays, though the final act is a little too bursty for me to handle without super-awesome gear and with my potion mod clamping down on the heal spam)

The -70% potion effectiveness passive is a challenge to deal with, and while you can reset skill points, this isn't a gameplay option I actually encourage for the class. Sacrifice is intended to be a more active and situational double-down on the overall theme. Now you won't have to wait as long between hit-and-runs while farming or fighting bosses.

V3 - Bug fix for Rapid Shot and Magma Spear. I modified them to avoid locking the aim for free control, but this had caused depth bugs (shooting into the ground on slanted or layered maps). They should correctly work more often now.

V4 - Ascetic's Sacrfice skill received a substantial buff: Now you receive a damage shield worth 25% of your maximum HP for five seconds. (This does NOT affect the sacrificed health during the first three seconds). You have to take damage to make use of the shield, and Asceticism grants bonuses for being at low health. And a shield effect more or less seems necessary just to be able to survive using Sacrifice in combat in the first place. The overall skill should now be much less suicidal, and it should be much easier to get good use out of the skill. It may be too much of a buff and maybe some number tweaks could apply elsewhere, but a quick test still has this class proving to be rather finicky and difficult to play well. I suspect that at higher levels, stacking both pacts with Sacrifice will be extremely strong, but mana costs make this difficult to achieve without specialized gear.

BETA_GRAPHS - Only moderately tested, these changes were put in place after I grew tired of seeing the game's burst damage become somewhat overwhelming late game. The vanilla game seems to depend on amounts of health spiking which are not present in this modded version of the game, so I hope these graphs are a step toward a more fair trade-off. I tweaked the growth rate of monster damage and health on Normal and Veteran. New scheme for enemy health/damage: 5% damage reduction at level 1, 0.5% (multipicative) every level after that. +60% Health at level 1. -0.5% (multiplicative) each level after that. (These are compared to vanilla numbers. Health and damage still increase each level overall, since the exponential decay is not enough to overwhelm the leveling curves for the levels 1-105.)

If you play with BETA_GRAPHS, be sure to give it HIGHER LOADING PRIORITY than the the mod trio. The mod trio contains conflicting graphs which BETA_GRAPHS seeks to rebalance. In the launcher+mods screen, the mod at the top of the list has top priority.

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