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UI Mods


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UI Mods

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Torchlight II User Interface modifications

These compilations takes advantage of the game's user interface by exploiting the functions of buttons, counters, keybinds, mouse-overs, timers, and toggles. More over, by creating invisible menus and overlays, we can witness the possibility of a non-conflict modification with the use of logic groups and stats.

Open the following links for details about each mod.

UI = Default version (No Cosmetic Slots and Armor Swap)

UI+ESO = UI with Cosmetic Slots and Armor Swap

UI+ESOBC = UI+ESO with Brother-in-Arms Compatibility

The UI mod, UI+ESO mod, and UI+ESOBC mod are all available for direct download, check "Files" above
Separate Individual Mods
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NOTE: Best to put this mod on high priority in your mod load order, to avoid unexpected issues.

Aliases: T2UI, TL2UI, TIIUI, ErgoUI, Doudley's UI, Advanced-UI, UI Advancements, HOLY S**T Interface!

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