Enchanter and Gambler Redux


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Enchanter and Gambler Redux

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  • Author ShadowTrainer
  • Uploaded 10-29-2014, 12:53 PM
  • Last Updated 10-29-2014, 12:53 PM
  • Category NPCs (TL2)
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You now have access to 8 mighty enchanters on every act and inside Mapworks. These beings grant your equipment with Powerful Enchantments.

They grant you various enchantments in the form of Fire, Ice, Electric, Poison, Stats, Luck, Sockets, as well as a Grandmaster who will give out random affixes.

These powerful beings will enchant your equipment for up to three times and only the Grandmaster has the capability to enchant to the final fourth enchantment.

Socket enchanters will only socket your equipment up to a total slot number of (2).

The Gambler
Every gambler you purchase from now gives out rare and unique equipment only. You have a chance for the following:
  • 06% Legendary Weapon
  • 27% Unique Weapon
  • 57% Rare Weapon
  • 10% Unique Trinket
  • 20% Rare Set Trinket
  • 30% Unique Armor
  • 40% Rare Set Armor
Boon The Collector
Boon the set vendor has grown tired of his travels and has replaced Greezo the Enchanter inside mapworks.

Treasure Madness
In need of money? Head on over to Middenmine and find Charlotte the Papillon. She'll take you to a secret area that is full to the brim with treasure. But beware, behind her cute appearance lies malice. Follow her at your own risk!

This mod should be compatible with other mods and does not bind your character so you can add or remove it as you please. In the case of a mod that has conflicting files with this and you still want to reap the benefits of my mod, place this higher in the load order.

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