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  • More sad new! Help save Falcor!

    The past few days have not been nice to our community. First Runic Games gets closed down, and now everyone's favorite Torchlight 2 pet, Falcor, is very ill. I'll keep it short: Wonder needs only a little more to help cover Falcor's medical bills. I'll quote the details below, or you can donate by CLICKING HERE!

    A few things about Wonder:

    1. Falcor is her baby. Her Horcrux. Her Road Dog. She would do anything for him.

    2. Wonder has supported so many people throughout the years. Through Kickstarter, Seed&Spark and gofundme. She's a tireless champion for so many people and never asks for a thing in return.

    3. She has a really hard time asking for help. Which is why I'm running this campaign for her. She needs our help.

    Three weeks ago Falcor became very sick (summary below.) On top of multiple Vet ER visits, driving to Pullman to see a specialist and having almost all his teeth pulled, Wonder has lost her job. Her company she's been with for 9 years has folded. Now on top of thousands of dollars of vet bills, she has lost income and is currently applying for other jobs.

    She needs us. Anything will help. I can't think of a more giving, kind and deserving person to send a few bucks to.

    Here is the breakdown of bills:

    - 9/09, South Seattle Vet, $327 (first exam)
    - 9/14, South Seattle Vet, $634 (first hospitalization)
    - 9/28, South Seattle Vet, $656 (hospitalized)
    - 10/17, Inland Empire Vet, $360 (ultrasounds)
    10/17, Pet Emergency Clinic of Spokane, $500 (first intake deposit)
    - 10/18, Pet Emergency Clinic of Spokane, $959 (hospitalization)
    - 10/18, Animal Eye Clinic of Spokane, $310
    - 10/19, Pet Emergency Clinic of Spokane, $846 (continued hospitalization)
    - 10/25 WSU Vet Medical Hospital, $2000 (initial hospitalization + tests)
    - 10/27, WSU Vet Medical Hospital, $1250 (remaining hospitalization + tests)
    - 10/31, South Seattle Vet, $980 (dental extractions + meds)

    Total to date: $8,822
    There is more to the story, which you can read about here: https://www.gofundme.com/help-with-f...-medical-bills