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  • The Grand Backup Project!

    Hello all!

    Today I announce a new project! A sad project. Basically, with Runic Games shut down we have no idea what state the official forums are going to be left in as time moves on. Already we see spam overtaking many areas of recent posts, with no moderation in sight.

    That's why I am starting "The Grand Backup Project!" I've created a new, empty section of our own forums for people to use to copy over important content that could be lost if the forums are taken down unexpectedly. That includes, but is not limited to: class builds, modding guides, people posting about mods that are on external sites (not posting the mod here), tech support, and more.

    Here are the important links:

    You're all welcome to help copy things over that you personally have found useful. Again, we don't know the time limit on this project, so sooner is better than never!
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    1. Phanjam's Avatar
      Phanjam -
      Hey @webb thanks mucho for this! I will focus on finding tuts
      . when it comea to that time, i can help sort out duplucates:P
    1. hermeticcharm's Avatar
      hermeticcharm -
      Hey, I've seen too many wonderful places on the web disappear. That's why back around the same time as this post I tried to create a mirror of the official forums. I am not sure if it is complete and it would probably need some work to ever be usable but I did pull a lot of content. If the official site ever goes down I have at least a partial mirror of it and could share it. I also sent an email to the folks over at Wayback Machine (https://web.archive.org) and told them Runic was shutting down so they might want to do another scan. It seems like they already have a pretty good mirror though which is good.
    1. Webbstre's Avatar
      Webbstre -
      I'm going to send you an e-mail about your back-up. It might make it easier to actually do this project, as no one will likely actually want it until the info is all gone. I never figured out how to make a proper backup myself :P