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    This begins the grand project of trying to protect what Runic Games built up for us! The purpose of this project is to preserve any important guides, builds, mod related posts, official documents, artwork, etc from the official Runic Games sites and forums. That includes, but may not be limited to the following:


    Honestly, there used to be more sites, one for each game (including the XBLA version), but at some point that I missed those disappeared. That might have taken the artwork with it.

    The purpose of this is NOT to collect every single thing on the site, but instead the important posts, pages, and official content that users may find useful. Use your judgement and place the copies in the appropriate sub-forums with a link to the original URL and the content pasted here. Feel free to include any follow-up posts from the original threads that are necessary in reply posts to the threads here.

    Finally, we don't know when or if the Runic Games forums are going to go down, but the presence of so much spam in recent days without moderation isn't a good sign. :/
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