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    Request: Slower, Tactical, Hardcore Torchlight

    I am really really loving this game. However, as the name "Action RPG" suggests, the game does play very fast.

    But sometimes, when things are going so fast, it becomes less about skill and more about how fast you can keep clicking.

    So I would like some help making a Torchlight Revamp Mod. I've never modded a game before, but I am willing to do this myself. I will just need smarter people to help me with the editor.

    Here are some of the changes that I think would transform torchlight into a slower, more tactical kind of game:

    --significantly decrease the number of enemies that spawn. Fewer but more dangerous enemies. Instead of tons of cannon fodder that you can just mindlessly click on and forget.

    ---enemies will have smarter and much higher specific resistances. E.g. You might spend all your points making a cool ice weapon. But then you run into something nasty that has 90% ice resistance, but is vulnerable to fire. You are forced to stop mindlessly clicking and change your strategy. (Hint: feed a fish to your pet which turns him into a fire monster)

    ---Higher and more severe penalty for resurrection (e.g. a 20% chance to lose an equipped magic item). Please. I even wish there was a separate mod for this right now. I think the resurrection penalties are too low.

    --- Fewer health potions with a much longer time to activate after you drink them. this way you can't just cheaply chug a potion and make an "instant win!" scenario.

    --- Health will only regenerate outside of combat. Regeneration speed will be very very slow. But by using rare items you may speed up the process.

    ---Speaking of items. Fewer but more powerful magic item drops.

    --- a pause screen that does not change the top-down camera view. Personally I don't like the spinning camera on the pause screen. I suffer from motion sickness and it LITERALLYmakes me want to throw up. Go to wikipedia and look up motion sickness (simulation sickness) :'(

    With these and a couple more changes which you guys can suggest, I would hope to transform this "Action rpg" into a more tactical, strategic rpg.

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    Re: Request: Slower, Tactical, Hardcore Torchlight

    Sounds like it could be a popular Mod.

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